Planning for battle!

An interesting take on the strategy genre. This game adds interesting skill trees with many types of units. The story drops you right against the formiddle skulls, the ai enemy of the campaign. The competition for pvp and guilds in this game are also I tense as you can find your strategies to defend your hard taken out posts taken out easily by opposing players. Through watching the replays you find holes in your strategy that make you think about how you are using your heroes and units. 

Now for the pros and cons:


  • Unique heroes that all have useful abilities
  • Shop makes it very hard to be pay to win
  • Interesting strategies that can be made
  • Good artwork and graphics
  • Many unit types
  • No stamina system
  • Main camp cannot be attacked


  • Lots of gold is used to upgrade heroes and buildings
  • Progression in campaign can be slow, this hampering progress
  • Can be taken down by higher level players and guilds
  • Suffers from timed builds and unit improvements, thus adding to the slow progression of the game

The game itself is fun but suffers from the buildings times that most mmo strategy games have. A game that should definitely  be tried by lovers of the genre.


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