So you want to be a hero?

A new clicker game seems to be riding in popularity and I’m beginning to see why! Almost a hero adds more in depth rpg elements to the normal clicker genre. Spicing it up with a wave survival mode to unlock even more goodies also seems to add to its appeal. 

Through each rebirth you can have up to 5 heroes (that you much unlock) that you can take on your adventure through that world. You get to choose from an assortment of would be heroes that each have their own unique quirks and an interesting skill tree for each! Your mail clicking attack to help these heroes takes the form of powers that you channel through up to three rings of power. Each ring can also obtain upgraded in the form of funds that enhance the already unique abilities of those rings.


  • Adds a unique twist to the normal clicker genre
  • In depth rpg skill trees
  • Many ways to upgrade
  • An assortment of funny would be heroes
  • Very nice art style
  • Gold can be gathered as you logged off


  • Genre may not be for everyone
  • It’s a clicker game, so expect to be doing a lot of tapping
  • Expect to grind for gold to level up
  • Watching ads feel like a nessecity to get the most out of rewards
  • No community as of this moment (such as guilds or chat system)

A nice game that can be fun if you enjoy the clicker genre!


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