The Valkyries are coming!

A game that I recently found had surprised me greatly. This rpg was surprisingly in depth with it’s heroes and the amount of content in the story. Not only doyou have the main story but EVERY hero you can get has unique personalities, goals, and backgrounds. You can explore their stories in side quests that you can have a chance to grind out chards to upgrade them. So you can turn a one star hero into a 5 star that can compete with the “better” heroes.


  • Lots of content
  • Regular updates
  • Relatively small in terms of memory
  • Lots of party combinations
  • Many ways to upgrade your heroes
  • Lots of gear to collect
  • Hero quests
  • Lots of ways to obtain gems (in game premium currency)


  • LOTS of grinding involved
  • Stamina system that can limit progress
  • Many gems required to summon new heroes
  • Found most guilds asked for higher leveled players and new guilds faded fast

A game I found to be very enjoyable and should at least be given a try!

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