MMORPG oddessy

Avabel online is an MMORPG for mobile that I really tried to get into. It features an interesting world that has adventurers from all walks of life trying their hand at reaching the top of a grand and mysterious tower. Now, the combat it decent and the way you are able to customize your character with outfits, weapons and even change your class at your leisure. It has a lot of potential but there were many things that got in the way of me liking this game.

I started small and worked my way up until I reached level 25 with my character. It was hard to choose from the many different classes to try so I tried most of them. While leveling I read that at Level 30 you chose a class indefinitely so you could move on to more advanced classes within that tree. This is a very good feature that allows playersa decent amount of time to decide what they want to do with their character and what role they could eventually play in a party.

Sadly for solo players, there isn’t much to offer for this game has a lot of content that relies on a party. Soloing seems almost non existent and from what others had told me, it’s near impossible to do. The community itself seemed helpful but everyone was only admitting higher leveled players into their Guilds, this made new players like me rely solely on the chat for help.


  • Lots of features for upgrading your character
  • Beautiful landscapes


  • Stat distribution upon level up may appeal to some but not all
  • The many classes in the game may leave some players feeling overwhelmed
  • Community can be helpful but at the same time confuse new players


  • Some items can only be purchased from the in game shop using real money
  • Pvp seems to be pay to win
  • Initial Character customization is lacking
  • Generic story
  • Interface is clustered
  • Lots of grinding involved

It seems like it could be a really good game but I found my experience lacking. Would recommend trying it out for yourself though and see what you think!

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