Mobile rune factory?!

Lemme start by saying that this game is MASSIVE! For a game that takes up 500mb of memory it has a lot to offer. So many ways to live your life in a fantasy world. So many skills to learn and things to do that one could easily feel overwhelmed. You have monsters, politics, romance. You could even start a family and later on play as your children and make their story! A never ending game that grows and evolves around the characters​ involved in it.


  • Many ways to customize your character
  • Continue the generations and play as your children
  • Never ending game
  • Many quests to do
  • Many life and combat skills to learn
  • Skills are passed down through the generations


  • The sheer amount of content could easily overwhelm some
  • The number of citizens in the game could make relationships hard to maintain
  • Auto track system allows you to go directly to where your quest is


  • May quests involve fetching items continuously
  • Dialogue can seem very bland between you and npc’s
  • Large map can make you easily confused

A game with few cons in my opinion and definitely something worth trying!

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