Bethesda why?!

Bethesda pinball! Something I hadn’t expected to see while browsing then play store. It features your choice of fallout 4, Skyrim, or room themed pinball games. The first one you unlock is free, however you must pay actual money to unlock the rest. This was something that immediately turned me away from the game but I went on. After you enter the menu it gives you the option of solo playing wich costs gold coins to play. These gold coins you can buy with actual money or challenge other player’s scores in order to get. Now this wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t limit how many times you can challenge a day and limit you by adding a time limit while challenging.


  • Very interesting take on pinball and adds unique elements to gameplay
  • Stays true to each game
  • Friendly matching allows you to compare scores with friends


  • There is a definite pay wall
  • Not enough ways to get coins to play the game for long

While it is a good concept and has potential, the need to pay for almost everything turns me away from calling it a “free” mobile game

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3 thoughts on “Bethesda why?!

    1. That’d make for interesting gameplay. Random weather effects like in the game. Or even a blizzard in the Skyrim one. Not sure what it would be for soon. Probably blood spray effects on the screen


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