A new challenge awaits!

Final fantasy, a series that started out with the last game the company was going to make. But instead the many games that followed in the years became loved stories that stuck with the audience. This mobile spin off games doesn’t lose that feel in the slightest. 

The game has unique gameplay elements added onto final fantasy’s turn based combat. It’s story has some classic moments to it but offers it’s own spin to things that fit well with a mobile game.


  • Unique bond system that rewards you hwne you reach max
  • Many modes for diverse gameplay
  • Many heroes from all final fantasy universes
  • Lots of equipment and ways to upgrade your heroes
  • Many free items so you don’t HAVE to pay real money
  • Many events and crossovers


  • Stamina system that can limit gameplay
  • Very hard to get bond system up
  • LOTS of grinding for materials
  • Pvp can make unfair matching

This is a great game that definitely deserves to be tried at least once.

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