It’s time to grind!

A game that I always come back to if not for anything else but being persistent. This game has many things that mark it as unique in terms of story and setting. It’s gameplay sets the stage for many other mobile games in it’s genre as this one is older. There are many players that help the experience and distract you from the grind.


  • Unique story and setting
  • Lots of heroes/monsters
  • Many ways to upgrade heroes
  • Tips can be found on monsters to help upgrade them
  • Helpful and friendly community


  • LOTS of grinding
  • Rare and strong monsters are very hard to come by
  • Intense competition can lead to hateful messages
  • Many guilds ask for level requirements

While the game is very needy for grinding and time but it’s still fun. The friends you make can make the game all the more fun.

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