Bleached out

Bleach is a popular anime that has had many games made in the franchise. This game is no exception except that I find it does it more than well.

Following the story almost to an exact you dont even have to really watch the anime to understand it all. 


  • Great graphics for a mobile game
  • Good action rpg gamplay
  • Great soundtrack
  • Not pay to win
  • Comptetive pvp
  • Friendly community
  • Many ways to upgrade characters
  • Lots of freebies


  • Japanese voice actors may not appeal to some
  • Large game (a little over 2gb)
  • Can be hard on some phones (overheating)
  • sometimes hard to get new characters as it costs a lot of gems for summoning
  • Some aspects of upgrading characters may be hard to understand

The verdict:

This game gets an 8/10 due to it causing high stress on some phones. Its a great game that should definitely be given a try

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