The hardest zombies?

The zombie survival gamea has taken over entertainment. DayZ was a remarkable game that took the survival genre to another level. Between the hostile players, backstabbing polotics, and the roamin undead. There was little to no where one could feel safe. Mini dayZ takes the survival game to an offline mobile port. There are ai survivors that can be hostile or even team up with you similar to online play. However this game does get pretty challenging and can punish the unprepared.


  • Offline gameplay
  • Small download size
  • Fun and interesting gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • Good sized map
  • Lota of items and crafting


  • Bad starts can lead to a very early game over
  • difficulty may not appeal to some
  • After establishing yourself late game you can exhaust the maps resources


While the graphics are definitely old school and some dont enjoy that, the gameplay stand above it all. 8/10

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