It comes to mobile!

ArcheAge is a popular MMORPG on PC. The great art style and graphics go well as a mobile port but this isnt the ArcheAge you may know. This game takes on the team building gameplay that many other mobile games in the rpg genre have.

Leveling your heroes; equiping them with gear,runes, and costumes is a common thing among these games. However, many things stand out among ArcheAge. Its has a unique housing system that allows you to farm,fish, and cut down trees for resources to build. In game tips to help you put together a unique team. 


  • Unique and interesting story
  • Cut scenes and gameplay transition VERY WELL
  • Many heroes to unlock 
  • Lots of ways to upgrade heroes
  • Unique gameplay mechanics
  • Good flowing combat
  • Lots of freebies
  • Great graphics


  • Seems pay to win for pvp with some of the high spending offers
  • Can become a grind
  • Certain team mechanics have been done before
  • Can be heavy on some phones and cause overheating

The verdict:

At this time its a new game that has A lot of potential. However, the fact that the game can be taxing on phones may make it unavailable for a lot of people thus limiting the player base. I have to give it, a 6.5/10

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