The time has come!

South park, a series of shows that knows no boundaries and breaks all rules. It has come out with a handful of games that have left good and bad impretions on people. This game micxes card collecting with a funny and unique story that brings humor into serious topics.


  • Many cards to collect and upgrade
  • Lots of freebies and reward
  • Funny storyline
  • Unique gameplay
  • Interesting guild mechanics
  • Pvp is rewarding
  • Lots of easter eggs and little things that add charm


  • South park humor may not appeal to all audiences
  • Pvp matching is randomized (you could end up fighting someone way stronger than you)
  • Grinding upgrade materials can be VERY dull
  • Could be pay to win

Ther verdict:

While the game is fun and brings alot of unique aspects to the card collecting genre, South Park does not appeal to everyone. The game does seem slightly censored with some content but it still has its charm and humor. Due to audience restrictions id have to give the game a 7/10

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