Nobunaga’s ambition tips and tricks


-Doing something a bit differently with this post as it has been a while since I last posted. I wanted to try writing some tips and tricks to games I’ve loved playing for years, so without further ado here is a few tips for playing nobunaga’s ambition: iron triangle for the ps2.
For starters you can also get this game on the playstation store to download for ps3 and you can emulate it on PC. A bit of an old game but it’s still great and offers a lot of content that the other games add on to.-

1) So the first tip I can give everyone is when in the game it’s good to focus on your economy as soon as possible. The tutorial for the game spends a little bit of time explaining how things work so it’s best to try that first before starting an actual scenario. Each tutorial will teach you the BARE basics for the game as in order to counter the surprisingly advance AI in this game it will be trial and error.

2) One of the most important tips I can give is about choosing your location/ starting clan. Who you choose in the beginning can actually make or break the game as it can brutally punish you for having weak officers when faced against great generals. In order to make up for this my first suggestion for this would be to play as either Oda clan or Takeda clan in the first scenario: Battle for Owari for your first playthrough.


4) If your creating officers don’t forget that you can also make children and parents so that way you don’t lose those line of characters. For example by creating an officer set in the battle for owari scenario I can adjust their age. Then when making a new character if I make their birth year later then set the previous officer as their parent, an event will trigger during game showing how a child was born to them. If you make female characters you can give yourself maidens in order to trigger political marriages or adopt other officers into your family.

5) A fun little thing to do is making your own clan. While the modern Nobunaga’s ambition games make it much easier to do so you still can in this one. Using a created officer or another officer in the daimyo’s castle you can select a new Daimyo when starting your game. The previous tup I gave helps for this as you can continue your clan’s lineage without relying on random events to trigger the creation of a random officer/daughter/son.

6)My final suggestion for this first tips and tricks is that you try and try again. This game can be frustrating at times but given patience and time you can get a hang of the basics and go further. It’s a fun and rewarding experience and I would suggest it for any strategy game lover.

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