A perverted dungeon!

A game that emphasizes on woman a bit much but is a fun and addicting game to play. This game can currently be bought in the google play store for 3.99 and can be a great addition to and rpg lovers collection.


  • Fun and addicting gameplay
  • Low price for a game with great replayability
  • Constantly being updated
  • Lots of ways to upgrade dungeon and monsters
  • Interesting rpg mechanics blend with the dungeon crafting genre
  • Lots of challenges to attempt


  • Oversexualized characters and all units are woman
  • Some playthroughs can feel a bit repetetive
  • Most dark lords are locked behind a gem wall that requires playthrough grinding

The verdict

While the bit art style blends well with the dungeon managing genre, it’s difficult to get over the oversexualization of the characters. Its a fun game and great for its low price but its not for everyone.


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