A three kingdoms drama

This version of the three kingdoms is a bit cartoony and doesnt take itself seriously. However, with its fun gameplay and interesting story I can truly say its a hidden gem.

You play a middle aged man who suddenly gets transported to the three kingdoms era and through your decisions in the story you can alter the timeline of the history you know.


  • Lots of heroes to hire with high recruit rates
  • Even footing for all players in terms of power
  • Town ui is well done and everything is easy to find
  • Funny and interesting story thats shaped by your decisions
  • Friendly community


  • Pvp gameplay will not be for some
  • Takes lots of resources to recruit units unless someone takes “mayors palace”
  • Taking the mayors palace in the middle of the map is very difficult unless you team up with others
  • Long wait times can prevent progress
  • Can be pay to win like some strategy games if you buy their packs for a headstart

The verdict

While it does take time to make any real progress, the game can still be really fun and addicting. I would deffinately give this game a try.


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